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Configure Auto Print

The following article will help you set up your printer to automatically print labels from OneFlo.

Please note: You will require administrator access to your computer to complete this setup.

Step 1

1. Locate the computers domain by going to Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/System

Windows Control Panel

Alternatively use the computer name

Windows System Control Panel

Make note of this as it will be required at a later step along with the user name / password used to log onto the PC Auto Print is to be installed onto.

Step 2

Log in to the OneFlo portal:

Once logged in, type “/printerconfig” at the end of the URL.

Then click the download link button


Step 3

Locate the installer file you just downloaded, titled:  ‘autoprint.application.installer.msi
Often found in your ‘downloads’ folder.

Double click this file to run through the install process.

Open autoprint.application.installer.msi

Step 4

During the install process you will be asked for a token.

Enter Token

Generate the token out of OneFlo and paste it into the installer then hit next.

Step 5

Retrieve Token

You will now be asked for the your login credentials that we retrieved in step 1.

Enter them into the next pop up to complete the installation process.


Step 6

Once the installation is complete, click on the Config Printers link in OneFlo to assign the printers that will generate the labels & connotes.

Config Printers in OneFlo

Click on SAVE to finish the setup.

To commence consigning, click on CONSIGNMENTS/CREATE OUTBOUND to commence consigning


If at any stage you do not want to generate a label, you can turn it off via the toggle located under the SAVE button

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