Frequently Asked Questions

What is OneFlo?

OneFlo is a Logistics Management Platform. An easy to set up, easy to use portal to manage your entire domestic (Australia) road freight. Consigning, manifesting, tracking, reporting and much, much more.

Who is OneFlo for?

OneFlo is the perfect solution for businesses who want complete visibility and accessibility into their freight operations and carrier rates.

How long does it take to integrate OneFlo?

Due to the cloud based nature of OneFlo, integration is seamless and requires no additional software, hardware or IT services. For most instances, initial setup can be done in under an hour for a basic account when a customer brings with them their own carriers and rates. Enterprise accounts will typically take two business days to setup.

Does OneFlo provide or negotiate rates with carriers?

We do not negotiate rates with any carriers or have a brokerage license. Nor do we share data, company information or pricing with any other party.

As a business we understand the need for more than just industry leading technology. Our exclusive partners can offer you experienced logistics managers and customer support teams that work around the clock, ensuring your shipments flow smoothly. Our freight specialists then also work with you to procure the best in market shipping rates, allowing you to operate OneFlo as effectively and efficiently as possible.

For further discussions and to be put in contact with a partner to best serve your needs contact us here.

Is my data safe and secure with OneFlo?

OneFlo makes security and privacy a priority at every step, from code development and database management through to support and incident response.

OneFlo is a completely independent platform that stores all data with Microsoft Azure Cloud services, the industry leader for customer advocacy and privacy protection whilst being more certified than any other cloud provider.

How many users can I have on my OneFlo account?

Great news! There is no limit to the number of users you can have on your OneFlo account.

Do you support international shipments?

OneFlo is currently focused on supporting Australian carriers and shipments, allowing you to send and track anything via road transport Australia wide.

How do I start using OneFlo?

Users can’t currently set themselves up on OneFlo. To register your interest and have a sales rep contact you directly, email us here.

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