One Solution, Endless Efficiencies





Single Sign On

One set of login credentials and one location to manage all your freight. There is also no limit to the number of users you can have with your OneFlo account.


Access Anytime, Anywhere

On your commute, with a customer or in your warehouse. OneFlo is cloud based, allowing you access and complete control of your portal from any device with an internet connection and web browser.

Accurate Quoting, Returned Quickly

OneFlo can offer quotes instantly, making freight transparent and allowing you to reduce the costs of your domestic shipments. Choose the pickup, destination and shipment type and you can compare quotes on price, service and time. Book the shipment directly in the portal.


Consign and Print, Effortlessly.

Print labels directly and instantaneously from your portal as you consign.

Batch Group Consigning and Bulk Importing

Send regular consignments to a predefined group of receivers with one click or import, map and manifest thousands of consignments in minutes.


Carrier Performance

View your carrier’s performance (DIFOT) and status in real time, from number of consignments to drilling down to every shipment for scan events, delivery status and proof of delivery.

Schedule Pickups

Book, consign and manifest your freight ahead of time to optimise an efficient operation.


Smart, Interactive Visual Reports

Beautiful out-of-the-box visualisation capabilities allow you to absorb information in new and more constructive means, discovering ways and opportunities to optimise your logistics operation and monitor carrier performance.

Consignment Enquiries

Raise enquiries directly with any of your multiple carriers about live shipments.



Track your shipments from the point of dispatch to the end receiver in real time. Better still, implement live SMS and email notifications on scan events and POD’s from selected carriers for each unique job. OneFlo is constantly working directly with carriers to keep you updated on the whereabouts and status of your shipments.

Smart Search

Use natural search to navigate all consignments and actions to “accelerate discovery.”



From manufactures and distributors through to retailers and hobbyists, OneFlo is a completely scalable platform that will seamlessly grow with your business.

From Simple to Complex Integrations

Whilst we pride ourselves on a seamless, infrastructure-free integration, we do operate web services, encouraging enterprise customers to integrate their ERP with OneFlo. If you have a specific need or interest, we’d love to chat – email us here


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